Chris Blair

Berlin, Germany

DJ and Producer Chris Blair discovered in the 1990's his interest to Electronic Music. His early Idols like Westbam, Marusha, RMB or DJ Dick inspired him to make his own Sound. Also he loved the Special 90's Acid/Techno Sound by Artist's like Miss Djax, Brain or Andreas Kraemer.

10 Years ago he aquired his own Music Production Software and he started to produce own Tracks.

In 2013, after a long Time of playing and learning by doing, he released his first EP "The Electrician" on De Hessejung's Label "Sound of Techno Records". Other Releases quickly followed on the new and aspiring Label "Brachial Kontakt". Next upcoming Releases following on Labels like Naughty Pills Records, New Generation Records or Ex-tract Records.In April 2014 his first Studio Album "District E" will be Released on NPR Limitless!

He has a very varied Sound Fantasy and many Artists who inspiring him in his work, artists like Niereich, De Hessejung, Silvano Scarpetta, Scizo, Philip Centro, Mike Rud, R.Cooper, Sutter Cane, Austrian Brothers, Deh Noizer, Torsten Kanzler, GO!DIVA, Ninna V and many many more! So tune in to his World of Electronic Music!