Marcel Thummel


His first active club event Pico played on 26/12/2003 at "The Birth of Technoeden" in the club area of the former Park Arena in Nabburg. Techno Eden was also his first joint project with other local deejays with the idea to offer a series of events on an underground basis. Ever since, many successful and extraordinary events took place featuring national known sizes such as Klaudia Gawlas, Sascha Koch, Radical Dee and Chrizz Pike.

At the same time, he had guest appearances in the catacombs of the legendary 1210 club in Hirschau and the legendary Sonic club in Plattling. This went on continuously until 2005, when he then moved on as a resident deejay in the Manufaktur Schwandorf. There he could also contiue his passion for techno.

In 2006 he switched to Dream Dance, also in Schwandorf where he also played numerous and very successful events. 2008 he was drawn to Sulzbach Rosenberg in the catacombs of the Image Club where he also was able to demonstrate his skills successfully. He additionally played events in the Club Casablanca in Wackersdorf and Dali Music Cafe in Nittenau.

2009 he was drawn to Amberg, where he became the resident Deejay for the Club Only Zone. This is where he also founded his event management "Crossing Beatz Bookings" in 2010, whitch with he very successfully organizes electronic events to this day, including at the Amberger Old Town Festival. The series of events was crowned with resounding success.

At the same time he also plays regularly on Events as guest deejay at places such as Alibi Club Amberg, Havana Club Amberg, 2010 Club Amberg, MC Club Amberg, Go West Amberg and Capitol Club Marktredwitz. This goes on to this day. Since January 2015, he now also plays Set's for (Belgium), Laut.FM/Techno-Paradize (Paris/France) and REM Radio (Naples/Italy) ...