Attila Brezovszki


DJ WestBeat - Attila Brezovszki is a DJ/Producer from Hungary. He works as a DJ from 2008 and from the year 2012 Attila started to deal with making music. His style is Tech-house, Minimal and Techno. He already proud of his more than hundred released tracks and his name is appearing at bigger record labels more and more. Some of DJ WestBeat's tracks reached the top charts. His purpose is to deliver his music for more and more people.

DJ WestBeat's tracks released from these Labels:
- Upfront Records
- Redrum Music
- Third Floor Recordings
- Avanue Recordings
- Comade Music
- Be One Records
- Similar Records
- Zero Urban Records
- Bedroom Muzik
- Adverso Records
- Shibiza Recording
- Beast Factory Records
- Triplepoint
- Bedroom-House Records
- Punch Underground
- Code2 Records
- Suma Records
- Apache Records
- Massive Duck Records
- Define Records
- Plastik Galaxy
- Rythm Royal Recordings
- Fierce Animal Recordings
- Dark Face Recordings
- JJ Records
- Boogie Recordings
- Insane District Records
- DC10 Records
- Chocolate Dealer Records
- Freshportmusic
- Sound Lab
- Berlin Aufnahmen
- Steingberg Records
- Sound Lab
- Drugstore Records and many more...

DJ WestBeat has a weekly radio show as well which is now played by more online radios. In this show show you can listen the newest and the best music from week to week, including his own tracks and supporting other producers too.