Klark Kennt

Berlin, Germany

My Techno story began in late 1999 with various club visit like Tresor the old casino the new casino later Reinbeck halls in Berlin Schöneweide and still today my beloved MagicGate in Hennigsdorf (which no longer exist today, unfortunately)! Was danced until the wee hours , and already on the dance floor I realized my passion for techno music and DJs.

Early 2001, a friend showed me the music program called Fruity Loops and quickly things took their run and I tried with Fruity Loops and some self-generated beats and the enthusiasm grew restive, I bought in 2002, Groove Box Roland 505 and a sampler etc! After several years of practice it was time and I had in 2004, my first live act performance in the former Techno Club Metronome!

For private reasons I had a multi-year break, the techno music but never quite lost sight of. After several club visit as the legendary Berghain inflamed a new fire in me and therefore I bought in 2009 different midi controller for Ableton Live and Reason and I immediately produced new tracks that sounded quite professional, but it still lacked the finishing touches and so I organized major me a private music studio where I have the necessary rest to Producen.

Since 2010, listens to techno music in my professional and the first techno labels were aware of me and finally a dream came true for me and I could release my music on various techno labels! To this day I continue to produce various tracks from the style techno / dark techno / hard techno and still hope for more successful years!!